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Android and the Nexus 4 Android’s New Friend

A few days ago I finally was able to get my hands on my own Google Nexus 4.  I’ve wanted this phone since it first came out, but the fact it was constantly sold out (and I lacked funds) always stopped me.  But when it went back on sale last week I jumped on the… Read More

Requisite picture of me at the stadium “Viva Barça. Viva Catalunya”
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I’ve been back for almost a week and am just getting around to writing my last Europe blog. It’s a busy time for me, which I’ll touch in an upcoming blog post. But for now, a little recap of my 2 day adventure in Barcelona. Day 1 My first day in Barcelona I visited the… Read More

Android at the Roman Theatre I used to live here

From August 2007 – August 2008 I lived in a city in southern Spain called Cartagena.  I spent a few days back in the city when I was visiting my parents, so I thought I’d show some pictures of where I used to live. The best place, in my opinion, to hang out in Cartagena… Read More

AndroidViennaJohannStrauss An Android in Vienna

Seeing as I’ve been in Europe for over a week now, I thought it was high-time I finally get a blog post about some of my travels done. I landed in Vienna on April 24th to meet up with my parents. My dad had a conference here, so that’s why they were there and not… Read More

Android hitchhiking to New Orleans “but I made it back home to New Orleans”

It’s been a really busy school year, but it’s finally over and done with.  I have to say, grades-wise, this is the best year I’ve had in university.  That being said, I’m ready for the summer and to start my new job at Shopify in a few weeks.  I’ll be heading to Europe to visit… Read More

Android spooning his spoon Everybody needs a little spoon

This photo idea came from my boyfriend, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to rent out an external flash again. I really love using an external flash, and I definitely think it’ll be something I purchase in the near future. I plan on using this photo in my final project for photography… Read More

Android had a bit too much to drink. International Hangover Day

I don’t know if people actually call the day after St. Patrick’s Day “International Hangover Day,” but I thought it’s a fitting title for the day when everyone wakes up hungover, in pain, and wondering what happened the night before. Let’s just say Android is experiencing this day in full force. Much thanks to my… Read More

Android celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Guinness Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Android’s celebrating the day with his favourite Irish beer. This was actually a fun picture to take because I got to use an external flash I borrowed from Algonquin College.  It’s amazing the difference a flash makes, and I’m starting to think that a 430EX II should be my next camera purchase (which is the… Read More

Android playing in the snow Playing in the Snow

I haven’t done a Where Have You Seen Android? photo for a while, so I thought I’d do a quick photo of Android all bundled up and playing in the snow.  I knew I had to take this picture now before the snow melted into nothing.

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