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Blog concept From Concept to Code in One Day

Being back in my hometown leaves me with not much to do.  So I figured this would be a good time to FINALLY update my blog layout.  The old layout was over a year old, and I really needed to update the overly busy layout. I had been working on a few concepts while over… Read More

blogging from my phone blogging from my phone

I installed the WordPress for Blackberry app a while ago, but only recently decided to set up. It’s actually really powerful. I can add media, view my stats, and edit entries. I’m loving that I can blog from my phone, but I don’t think I’ll use it very often (I am using it right now… Read More

Screenshot of my new portfolio website My new Portfolio site!

Yesterday I decided to debut my new portfolio website despite the fact there were still some things I wanted to improve. The new design shares a lot of design similarities with my old one (extensive use of Trade Gothic Condensed and a green/purple/pink colour scheme).  The reason behind that is my resumé shares a lot of… Read More

DIY black spiked bomber jacket I made a jacket.

This jacket consumed my life during the past week.  Pretty much every spare moment was spent sewing this thing together, but it’s finally done and I’m really happy with how it turned out! It’s a bomber style jacket that I spiked with gold tree spikes from studsandspikes.com. The pattern for this jacket was based off… Read More

Layout 1 (Sept. 2011 - Dec. 2011) First post of 2012

In an attempt to not break my New Year’s Resolution of blogging more, I am forcing myself to blog today.  Slowly I will get better at doing this more consistently, I swear. First thing I want to mention is I decided I’m going to put a screenshot of all my past blog layouts in the… Read More

Image from MorgueFile; edited by me New Year, New Resolutions, New Layout

To help ring in the new year, I’m debuting my new way more awesome blog layout today! What do y’all think?  I think it’s much better than the old one, but I suppose I’ll say that about every subsequent layout change.  Surprisingly, I coded and designed this layout within 2 days, and I’m super proud… Read More

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