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Blog concept From Concept to Code in One Day

Being back in my hometown leaves me with not much to do.  So I figured this would be a good time to FINALLY update my blog layout.  The old layout was over a year old, and I really needed to update the overly busy layout. I had been working on a few concepts while over… Read More

Screenshot of my new portfolio website My new Portfolio site!

Yesterday I decided to debut my new portfolio website despite the fact there were still some things I wanted to improve. The new design shares a lot of design similarities with my old one (extensive use of Trade Gothic Condensed and a green/purple/pink colour scheme).  The reason behind that is my resumé shares a lot of… Read More

Luke Schenn Transferring Pains

What you don’t want to see when you have new things to post on your wallpaper site. When I switched web hosts, I thought that Breakaway (my hockey wallpaper collective) transferred without problems, just like my portfolio site had. However, when I tried uploading a new wallpaper today, I got uploading issues, and I noticed… Read More

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