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Mass Effect morality (Paragon/Renegade) cupcakes Mass Effect Renegade & Paragon Cupcakes

It’s been a while since I made a real post. In all reality I had a lot to blog about, but lacked the motivation or the time to post. Plus a lot of stuff I did wasn’t up to my standards and I wasn’t willing to share them with the world (this includes me making… Read More

Android loves Companion Cube Android loves Companion Cube

Woke up bright and early today (didn’t get the extra hour of sleep sadly) to see the boyfriend to borrow some of his stuff so I could continue on with my NaBloPoMo/Where Have You Seen Android? project.  One of the things I borrowed was his plush Companion Cube (which I actually made for him over… Read More

Mass Effect N7 logo cake Mass Effect N7 logo birthday cake

Today was my boyfriend’s birthday, so yesterday involved a somewhat tedious job of making him a birthday cake.  He’s a big fan of Mass Effect so I incorporated that by making a cake with the N7 logo on it. I haven’t made/decorated a cake since high school (I prefer cupcakes to regular cakes), and this… Read More

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