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Requisite picture of me at the stadium “Viva Barça. Viva Catalunya”
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I’ve been back for almost a week and am just getting around to writing my last Europe blog. It’s a busy time for me, which I’ll touch in an upcoming blog post. But for now, a little recap of my 2 day adventure in Barcelona. Day 1 My first day in Barcelona I visited the… Read More

Android at the Roman Theatre I used to live here

From August 2007 – August 2008 I lived in a city in southern Spain called Cartagena.  I spent a few days back in the city when I was visiting my parents, so I thought I’d show some pictures of where I used to live. The best place, in my opinion, to hang out in Cartagena… Read More

AndroidViennaJohannStrauss An Android in Vienna

Seeing as I’ve been in Europe for over a week now, I thought it was high-time I finally get a blog post about some of my travels done. I landed in Vienna on April 24th to meet up with my parents. My dad had a conference here, so that’s why they were there and not… Read More

Android chilling at YVR (Vancouver Airport) Leaving on a Jet Plane

During my layover in Vancouver yesterday, I thought it would be a super awesome idea to take a picture of Android in a really unique place: the Vancouver Airport. This was done somewhere in the domestic terminal. I don’t know what the exact name of the device Android is on, but I always called them… Read More

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