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Mini shopping haul (featuring Forever 21 and The Bay) Mini shopping haul (ft. Forever 21 & The Bay)

Nothing too interesting has been happening lately, other than it’s the start of my reading week. I’m going to try and use the week to catch up on work and finish up some personal projects.  Before all of that though, I went to the mall with some friends and got a few items during the influx of… Read More

Android enjoying a McDonald's Happy Meal Happy meals

Long story short: had lunch with some friends at McDonald’s today, and got this picture of Android with a Happy Meal: It’s nice getting a picture of Android outside of my house. I really should get out more. Also spent today continuing my Christmas shopping excursions.  Found something for my mom, niece and boyfriend, so… Read More

Take a look inside...it's Android in a box! Take a look inside

Not much to say about today.  Attempted Christmas shopping today.  Found an awesome pair of shoes for my mom BUT they only had one shoe, which totally pissed me off…but I’ll try a different store this weekend. This was another quick, random, nothing picture of Android, once again using the Jeffrey Campbell shoe box (previously… Read More

Android trying to solve the crossword on the Jeffrey Campbell shoe box Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Around two weeks ago I ordered a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Revolve Clothing and have been waiting terribly impatiently for them to arrive.  They came today and, even though the $47 in customs was a huge bummer, they are absolutely beautiful.  All I have right now is a twitpic of them, but I fully… Read More

Android riding the bus. Shopping is what I do

I love shopping. I know that’s stereotypically girly of me, but it’s true.  For one of my marketing assignments I had to visit a store that sold electronics to observe their marketing efforts, and I used this as an excuse to hit up the mall to go shopping. I didn’t actually buy anything significant, picked… Read More

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