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Android recording some dope beats. A look back on NaBloPoMo
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It is now December 1, and as any follower of this blog knows, I am no longer obliged to take a daily photo of Android because NaBloPoMo is done. I am honestly AMAZED I actually finished the project, so as a look back, I’m going to talk about my favourite photos from the last month…. Read More


Today is a damn good day.  Got the highest mark on my second business test (93%. Aww yeah). Found out my musical theatre final exam will be easier than the midterm (that I got 96% on), and overall I think my grades this semester will bring up my CGPA :D And, of course, today marks… Read More

Androidabout to watch The Muppets The Muppet Show

My boyfriend really wanted to see the new The Muppets movie so today we took advantage of Tuesday cheap tickets and watched it.  I didn’t really have any expectations going in (I’m definitely not as big a Muppets fan as my boyfriend), but it was really hilarious and I found it really portrayed the classic characters… Read More

Android in space ship! (But actually is just a dryer) SPACESHIP or a dryer

Spent tonight working on my musical theatre essay.  I procrastinated way too much on that, and am not expecting anything super amazing, but thankfully there’s a bonus assignment that I plan on doing which should help my grade.  I really want to get an A+ in that class, which is totally doable, but I admit… Read More

Android is happy there are only 3 photo days left Just 3 more days

I promise the remaining pictures for this project won’t be countdown photos, but I seriously am SO HAPPY November ends this week so I don’t have to struggle for photo ideas every day: Just 3 more days…just 3 more days…

Android just wants some ice cream Ice cream

I wanted to do this at the grocery store when I went grocery shopping, but I forgot to do it at the store so I just did it at home: Don’t really have anything else to say today. Lazy Saturdays FTW. And yeah, our freezer is basically all meat. I call it a vegan’s nightmare.

Android enjoying a McDonald's Happy Meal Happy meals

Long story short: had lunch with some friends at McDonald’s today, and got this picture of Android with a Happy Meal: It’s nice getting a picture of Android outside of my house. I really should get out more. Also spent today continuing my Christmas shopping excursions.  Found something for my mom, niece and boyfriend, so… Read More

Take a look inside...it's Android in a box! Take a look inside

Not much to say about today.  Attempted Christmas shopping today.  Found an awesome pair of shoes for my mom BUT they only had one shoe, which totally pissed me off…but I’ll try a different store this weekend. This was another quick, random, nothing picture of Android, once again using the Jeffrey Campbell shoe box (previously… Read More

Android's new black shirt that crazy awesome moment when

I mentioned earlier that Google was holding a Twitter contest to win some Galaxy Nexuses (Nexi?).  I got a direct message from Google today that basically said “We loved your entry. It didn’t win but we’d like to send you something anyway.”  Got that before my musical theatre class and proceeded to FLIP OUT UNCONTROLLABLY… Read More

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