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Southern Air by Yellowcard Southern Air

The last month or so I’ve been listening to a lot of Yellowcard lately.  They’re one of the few bands from my youth where I still get excited over their new releases. Southern Air is their latest release.  It came out in August of 2012, but for some reason only just now is it really… Read More

"To amend my heart that's paper thin" - from New Orleans by Rancid “To amend my heart that’s paper thin”

We’re in the middle of exam season, but this year it’s a strange time for me because I don’t have any final exams.  Instead, I have 3 final projects due by mid-April.  Two of them are group projects, but my photography final is an individual project. I’ve been ever so slowly getting pictures for that… Read More

IanBlackwoodRichestoRiches What have I been up to?

It’s been a busy few days lately.  I’ve been churning out job applications like a crazy person.  I’ve lost count of how many internships/jobs I’ve applied for this week, but I know that I’m not gonna slow down any time soon.  I’m really determined to get a job in Ottawa so I can stay here… Read More

Screen shot 2012-02-01 at 7.14.35 PM What an amazing January!

When I started this blog I never in my life thought anyone would read it.  I started it simply to give myself something to do.  Last month, however, my blog set so many amazing milestones.  I can’t believe so many people read this blog, and I appreciate every single one of you who do :)… Read More

IMG-20110929-00068 I love getting mail

My brother lost our mailbox key a few weeks ago, so I went ahead and got Canada Post to replace the locks and get new keys (delivery lady didn’t ask for any cash even though online it says it’s $25 to change them so…woo!).  So basically today I got my mail, and I had a… Read More

Madina Lake WWIII World War III

Today involved a day of mall-hopping.  Picked up my repaired Coach bag, browsed the mall(s) for baking supplies (didn’t find any), and got the newest album of one of my favourite bands, Madina Lake. My thoughts on World War III? Underwhelmed, sadly. A lot has happened to this band since their sophomore release Attics to… Read More

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