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Kelowna Rockets @ Prince George Cougars. Jan 5, 2013 Hockey when there’s a lockout

I will be the first to admit that I have been incredibly apathetic when it comes to the NHL Lockout.  I hate that there’s no NHL hockey being played, but at the same time I haven’t been a fan of the NHL for a while.  I love the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers, and there… Read More

2012 Stanley Cup playoffs: Game 3 of Sens/Rangers A birthday to remember

It was my 21st birthday two days ago, and after all the haze and craziness of that day, I’m finally able to blog about it. The day started off with a class presentation where my group and I presented our Aperture Science flash website. I was one of the programmers and basically started the building… Read More

I'm hugging the Stanley Cup :D (the dude is my boyfriend) I totally hugged the Stanley Cup

Today marks the start of the NHL All-Star Weekend, and I celebrated it’s commencement by heading out to the NHL Fan Fair on opening day with my boyfriend.  I was really excited for the event, especially since it gave me the opportunity to wear my new Senators Heritage jersey for the first time.  I didn’t… Read More

My new Alfredsson Heritage jersey Just in time for the ASG :)

Last week I purchased one of the new Ottawa Senators Heritage jerseys from The Sens Store.  I bought it blank with the intention of getting Daniel Alfredsson’s name and number put on it.  The customization finished yesterday, so now I have a new super awesome jersey :D I was really conflicted if I should get… Read More

2012 NHL All-Star Game shirt, Sens hat, NHL Fan Fair tickets Forever an enabler

There is nothing fun about having to wake up early to write an exam, and then coming home to a bathroom/bedroom that needs to be cleaned.  Sadly that was me yesterday.  I wrote my musical theatre exam at 9:00am (which I’m pretty sure I did awesome on), and then came home to clean because it’s… Read More

Luke Schenn Transferring Pains

What you don’t want to see when you have new things to post on your wallpaper site. When I switched web hosts, I thought that Breakaway (my hockey wallpaper collective) transferred without problems, just like my portfolio site had. However, when I tried uploading a new wallpaper today, I got uploading issues, and I noticed… Read More

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