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GoogleAndroidLetter :D A PACKAGE FROM GOOGLE!!!

Last month I blogged about how I was runner up to a contest Google was holding.  Today I got my prizes in the mail (while waiting super impatiently all day for FedEx to give it to me), and I love them :D After opening up the cardboard FedEx box, I found everything to be in… Read More

Android's new black shirt that crazy awesome moment when

I mentioned earlier that Google was holding a Twitter contest to win some Galaxy Nexuses (Nexi?).  I got a direct message from Google today that basically said “We loved your entry. It didn’t win but we’d like to send you something anyway.”  Got that before my musical theatre class and proceeded to FLIP OUT UNCONTROLLABLY… Read More

who are we really

A classmate of mine posted this article on Facebook which I thought was really interesting.  Basically it’s a summary of this talk Chris Poole, creator of 4chan, made about how Facebook and Google are going about online identities all wrong.  I admit, when I first saw the title of the article I thought “what would… Read More

List of Android Releases Thoughts on iPhone 4S and why I like Google

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that today was iPhone release day.  And by now you’d also probably know it was a fairly underwhelming upgrade.  It’s basically an iPhone 4 with more RAM and Siri (not sure of the processor, but I assume it’s better). Personally, I didn’t care so much about… Read More

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