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Digimon Crest of Courage, Friendship, Hope, Light, Knowledge, Love, Reliability, and Sincerity DIY shirts Finally. Digimon shirts of the original 8 Crests.

I started my Digimon crest t-shirt stencil project waaaaaaaaaaay back in June, but yesterday I was finally able to finish. 8 Digimon crests, 8 shirts, all awesome: I did end up redoing the Hope and Light shirts. Mainly because I wanted t-shirts with those symbols and not just tank tops (I live in Canada…can’t wear… Read More

DIY Digimon Crest of Friendship and Reliability shirts More DIY Digimon Crest shirts (Friendship & Reliability)
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Well it looks like I failed at blogging in June really badly. But let’s start July off right with a super awesome post featuring more DIY Digimon Crest shirts.  This time featuring Yamato’s Crest of Friendship and Jou’s Crest of Reliability: These shirts are, of course, a continuation of my Digimon shirt project I started… Read More

DIY Crests of Light & Hope tank tops DIY Digimon Crest of Hope & Light Tank tops

A while ago one of my friends sent me a link to a website that was selling a bunch of Digimon shirts.  My favourite ones were the shirts that had the various crests on them, but at $30 a piece I couldn’t justify getting even just one.  But then I thought, “hey, I could easily… Read More

DIY black spiked bomber jacket I made a jacket.

This jacket consumed my life during the past week.  Pretty much every spare moment was spent sewing this thing together, but it’s finally done and I’m really happy with how it turned out! It’s a bomber style jacket that I spiked with gold tree spikes from studsandspikes.com. The pattern for this jacket was based off… Read More

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