ARCHIVE: February 2013
surfaceofthesunwallpaper “it burns like the surface of the sun”

One of the things I wanted to do during Reading Week was do more typography pieces.  Of course that didn’t happen because no one ever actually does anything worthwhile during this week off (thus why I complete HATE the fact Carleton has a Fall Reading Week now >.< ). That being said, with today being… Read More

Prescription Aviator Sunglasses from Clearly Contacts First Impressions:
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I’ve been plagued with near-sightedness since I was in 2nd grade.  I don’t really know what life without wearing glasses is like (which probably is the reason why I don’t like the way I look without glasses). Because I’ve pretty much lived my whole life with glasses, I never really had a chance to wear… Read More

Southern Air by Yellowcard Southern Air

The last month or so I’ve been listening to a lot of Yellowcard lately.  They’re one of the few bands from my youth where I still get excited over their new releases. Southern Air is their latest release.  It came out in August of 2012, but for some reason only just now is it really… Read More

Android and the Nexus 4 Android’s New Friend

A few days ago I finally was able to get my hands on my own Google Nexus 4.  I’ve wanted this phone since it first came out, but the fact it was constantly sold out (and I lacked funds) always stopped me.  But when it went back on sale last week I jumped on the… Read More

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