Happy New Year!

Oh personal blog…how I’ve neglected you.

The past two months, when my blogging didn’t exist, hasn’t exactly been stressful or busy.  My lack of blogging really has no excuse, but the time away gave me some time to reflect.

2012 was a life-changing time for me. Not really because exciting things happened, but more because I was able to actually be confident with aspects of my life that I wasn’t that confident with before.  While that was the goal of 2012, for 2013 I have a new goal (that is less emo sounding): be busier.

If I had an Achilles heel it would be my apathy.  I lack initiative most of the time, and am content with not doing anything when I should be sewing a jacket, or coding a website, or taking photos.  I’m ready for this to change.

I recently picked up a NeuYear calendar for 2013 and hoping it will help me stay organized with all my personal activities.  School, for me, is easy to manage.  I can easily prioritize my school work; it’s all my hobbies that I cannot seem to find time for.  Probably a strange concept, but if I have a giant calendar that isn’t possible to ignore is always staring at me showing what I need to do, I hope it will help me be busier.

I suppose being busier also allows me to have more to show for myself.  Looking at the stats of this blog, my most popular posts are the ones where I show things I’ve created. It’s also awesome when other people take note and include pictures you’ve taken on an Ars Technica article.  As lame as it sounds, there’s something incredibly rewarding and validating when things you’ve done get reposted around the interwebs. So maybe if I keep at it, I can enjoy this feeling again and again.

So, with all that being said, I figure I’d end this post with some things I’ve created in the 2 months of my blog lacking. Though, to be honest, I’m only doing this because text-only blog posts are stupid.


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