2013: Seize the Year

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that my goal for 2013 (not resolution, goal) was to be busier.  Which pretty much boils down to being more productive.  So, how do I get more productive?

I’ve wanted to get a new desk for about two years now, and on Monday I finally bit the bullet and got a new cheapy $45 desk from Ikea.

I know this seems like the lamest desk ever, but from the beginning I knew that all I wanted was a large, clean, minimal surface to work on.  I don’t need shelves or drawers or hutches, just a plain area to house my computer and writing utensils was what I needed.  I honestly couldn’t have been more right.

My new desk setup

This is what my desk/office area looks like now.  It takes up a little corner of my room, and I can’t imagine this being more perfect for me.  After I had moved my bedroom furniture around, set all this up, and finally sat down at my computer I instantly thought “wow, I want to work.”  I just felt like working, which to me is a sign that a well laid out work space can make you feel productive.  I really should have gotten a different desk sooner.

My lovely iMac and external monitor Requisite designy things + an FC Barca flag

One thing I love about this desk is how deep it is.  I can just put my entire arm on the desk as I type.  It makes it really comfortable to type at all day (which is what I do most days…what? I’m in comp sci).  The desk is short too which is nice since my monitors are at a lower level, meaning I don’t have to strain my neck up to see what’s on the monitor.

My NeuYear Calendar

I also got my NeuYear calendar this week which helped finalize my new work space.  I haven’t had a calendar in a while, and since NeuYear’s good marketing worked on me, I figured I’d try out their calendar.  I liked their concepts of being able to see your entire year at once, giving you a better idea to plan things out and see things as they unfold.  I also LOVED how you could make a key for yourself at the bottom of the calendar.  Hopefully this means my colour codes will  stay throughout the year.

It’ll be a while before I find out if a calendar and new desk setup will help me stay busy, but so far I definitely feel more organized and productive.  Hopefully it keeps up.


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