ARCHIVE: January 2013
My new desk setup 2013: Seize the Year

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that my goal for 2013 (not resolution, goal) was to be busier.  Which pretty much boils down to being more productive.  So, how do I get more productive? I’ve wanted to get a new desk for about two years now, and on Monday I finally bit the bullet and… Read More

Black Milk Clothing Collection Knowing the meaning of expensive taste

Today I decided to take a picture of my Black Milk Clothing collection that has been growing quite a bit since my first purchase in August. I’ve had a lot of people ask me  “how can you afford that?” or “why do you spend that much on clothing?” The answer to that is kind of… Read More

Kelowna Rockets @ Prince George Cougars. Jan 5, 2013 Hockey when there’s a lockout

I will be the first to admit that I have been incredibly apathetic when it comes to the NHL Lockout.  I hate that there’s no NHL hockey being played, but at the same time I haven’t been a fan of the NHL for a while.  I love the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers, and there… Read More

Blog concept From Concept to Code in One Day

Being back in my hometown leaves me with not much to do.  So I figured this would be a good time to FINALLY update my blog layout.  The old layout was over a year old, and I really needed to update the overly busy layout. I had been working on a few concepts while over… Read More

Christmas Cupcakes Happy New Year!

Oh personal blog…how I’ve neglected you. The past two months, when my blogging didn’t exist, hasn’t exactly been stressful or busy.  My lack of blogging really has no excuse, but the time away gave me some time to reflect. 2012 was a life-changing time for me. Not really because exciting things happened, but more because… Read More

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