Finally. Digimon shirts of the original 8 Crests.

I started my Digimon crest t-shirt stencil project waaaaaaaaaaay back in June, but yesterday I was finally able to finish. 8 Digimon crests, 8 shirts, all awesome:

I did end up redoing the Hope and Light shirts. Mainly because I wanted t-shirts with those symbols and not just tank tops (I live in Canada…can’t wear tank tops in winter).  The dye job on the new Light shirt is also way better.

The ones I love wearing most are definitely Friendship and Love (Sorato for lifeeeeeeee), but obviously I love all of them.  I wore the new Hope shirt today. It made me happy.

Much thanks to alijameel on deviantART for the wonderful images he created of the original 8 Crests.  Without them, I would never have been able to complete this project as easily and as nicely as I did.

I honestly feel like I could rotate these shirts for the rest of my life and be totally happy. Somewhere, 9 year old me is super freaking happy right now.

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