DIY Digimon Crest of Hope & Light Tank tops

A while ago one of my friends sent me a link to a website that was selling a bunch of Digimon shirts.  My favourite ones were the shirts that had the various crests on them, but at $30 a piece I couldn’t justify getting even just one.  But then I thought, “hey, I could easily make those on my own.”  And since graphic tees with giant symbols on them are pretty trendy, I thought making my own crest shirts would be a way for me to observe the trend but not wear, you know, giant crosses or lightning bolts.

I didn’t want to commit making all 8 crests at once, so I started by stenciling shirts of my two favourite crests: the crests of Light and Hope.

I am honestly ridiculously happy at how these turned out.  I don’t know if words can really describe my love of Digimon and what these two symbols mean to me, but the fact I can wear them now is making me super happy.  So much so I had to go out and take pictures of me and the Hope shirt.


The shirt looks pretty slick with my Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes in Taupe Suede eh?

I plan on stenciling the other crests onto shirts eventually, but seeing as there are 6 others (crest of Kindness doesn’t count), I’m not gonna be able to finish them all in one go.  Sadly, shirts and paint are not cheap.

EDIT: For the fun of it, you can watch my video tutorial on how I made these shirts here.

EDIT2: Check out my new Crests of Friendship and Reliability shirts here!

EDIT3: THE COMPLETE SET IS FINALLY DONE! You can check them out here.

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