ARCHIVE: June 2012
CREEPINESS! All things creepy (?)

Yesterday Shopify’s Design Challenge was to go out and take photos in the Market, then hand in one photo to be judged next week.  Personally I found it to be a terrible day to take photos.  The sun was shining bright causing glare on windows and blown-out highlights/underexposed shadows, and just…ugh.  I didn’t get that… Read More

DIY Crests of Light & Hope tank tops DIY Digimon Crest of Hope & Light Tank tops

A while ago one of my friends sent me a link to a website that was selling a bunch of Digimon shirts.  My favourite ones were the shirts that had the various crests on them, but at $30 a piece I couldn’t justify getting even just one.  But then I thought, “hey, I could easily… Read More

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