New gear

Two weeks ago I made a big, somewhat impulse, purchase and got myself a new DSLR: the Canon 60D:

It wasn’t a HUGE impulse buy because I had been wanting it for almost 6 months, and it was on sale for $820.  I just thought it would be worthwhile to get because I’ve been meaning to upgrade for a while, and the camera was at a good price.  It ended up being $915 after taxes and Futureshop’s price match. Under 1K was pretty good in my opinion.  I ended up selling my 5 year old Macbook for $375 and my old SLR for $300 after I bought the camera, so I really only had to put in an extra $240 of my own money to fund the purchase.

I also picked up a cheap lavalier mic online: the Audio-Technica ATR3350.

The main reason for me wanting to get a new DSLR is because I wanted to have some video functionality (my old SLR didn’t have that unfortunately).  I got the lavalier mic so I could get better audio with my video. For $35 I have to say the audio quality is pretty decent.  Not the best, but definitely better than the camera’s built-in mic.

I’m hoping to get some new projects going with these things. So maybe you’ll see them in the future on the blog :)

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