First week and a half @ Shopify

It’s been a week and a half(ish) since I started at Shopify so I thought I’d recollect some of the things that happened since I started working there.

I made this cake and brought it in on my first day.  I just thought it would be a nice gesture, and people said it was delicious!

When I got there on my first day, I met with the head of HR and we did the requisite paperwork and I got a goodie bag full of swag which included Shopify merch, a book, Godiva chocolates, a Moleskine notebook, and giftcards to the Apple Store and Play Food & Wine.  It was a really nice gesture (so it’s a good thing I brought the cake!).

I then headed up to the third floor and got settled into my job as a Design Guru.  I basically learned how their system works, and then started answering shop owner’s design questions/fixed their minor issues.

On my third day, Shopify had one of its design challenges.  The challenge was to make a crest/logo for an Ottawa neighbourhood in an hour and a half.  I did it, and was surprised at what I was able to come up with in a short amount of time:

Shopify also has “intro sessions” for new hires, where basically all the C-level executives talk about Shopify. I heard about the history of Shopify, some information on how the company makes money, and I have two more intro sessions next week.

There was also a great intern lunch where all the interns got together to eat lunch and get to know each other. We went to Chez Lucien, which was absolutely fantastic (and the lunch was expensed!).

There isn’t really much to that because I spent most of the week working (which is how it should be, lol).  Apart from this, I did have a bit of a laptop issue.  Basically the first computer they gave me kept kernel panicking, so they gave me a Macbook Air to use in the meantime.  But then I switched to a new Macbook Pro just to get a better graphics card.  So basically 3 computers in my first 3 days, but I’m glad that’s all fixed.

So far I am really happy with the work environment that I’m in.  It’s a fun place to be, and I feel really lucky to be able to work here for the summer (and hopefully afterwards as well).

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