“To amend my heart that’s paper thin”

We’re in the middle of exam season, but this year it’s a strange time for me because I don’t have any final exams.  Instead, I have 3 final projects due by mid-April.  Two of them are group projects, but my photography final is an individual project.

I’ve been ever so slowly getting pictures for that final done.  I thought I’d share one of the pictures I took today:

This photo was inspired by the line “to amend my heart that’s paper thin” from the Rancid song “New Orleans” (if you’re not into punk rock, you may like the brother-sister cover that Ian and Sarah Blackwood did).

Sewing together the heart resulted in me poking myself a few times (note to self: get a thimble), but overall I like the photo and my interpretation of the lyric.  I also like how the heart’s shadow is present in the photo.

This photo actually reminds me of another photo I took a looooooooong time ago that was inspired by “This Ruined Puzzle” by Dashboard Confessional.  Just because both photos are a still-life that I “crafted” and involve a heart.

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