ARCHIVE: April 2012
Android hitchhiking to New Orleans “but I made it back home to New Orleans”

It’s been a really busy school year, but it’s finally over and done with.  I have to say, grades-wise, this is the best year I’ve had in university.  That being said, I’m ready for the summer and to start my new job at Shopify in a few weeks.  I’ll be heading to Europe to visit… Read More

2012 Stanley Cup playoffs: Game 3 of Sens/Rangers A birthday to remember

It was my 21st birthday two days ago, and after all the haze and craziness of that day, I’m finally able to blog about it. The day started off with a class presentation where my group and I presented our Aperture Science flash website. I was one of the programmers and basically started the building… Read More

My cover letter web page for Shopify How I got a job at Shopify (TL;DR warning)

I started my summer job search in January when I got back to Ottawa from winter break.  I applied to a lot of different places, but I haven’t heard back from any of them.  I think part of that is, I really didn’t want those jobs in the first place.  Sure they were in my field,… Read More

"To amend my heart that's paper thin" - from New Orleans by Rancid “To amend my heart that’s paper thin”

We’re in the middle of exam season, but this year it’s a strange time for me because I don’t have any final exams.  Instead, I have 3 final projects due by mid-April.  Two of them are group projects, but my photography final is an individual project. I’ve been ever so slowly getting pictures for that… Read More

Android spooning his spoon Everybody needs a little spoon

This photo idea came from my boyfriend, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to rent out an external flash again. I really love using an external flash, and I definitely think it’ll be something I purchase in the near future. I plan on using this photo in my final project for photography… Read More

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