Where are my manners?

It’s been a week since my last post and, to be perfectly honest, I’m disappointed in myself.  I had so much to talk about in the last week: I went to an art gallery opening, a Senators home game, configured a Microsoft Kinect to run regular video games, but have just been too lazy to post (I’ve also lacked accompanying photos, but again, that’s my own fault).

I’ve also been super busy lately just with school, and the upcoming shoot dates for a school project.  That’s happening this weekend, so it’ll be a crazy two days of filming.

While I attempt to get back into the blogging groove, here’s something from one of my photography photo assignments:


I kind of liked how I’m reflected in the water fountain.  She asked for a slight edit on the photo and to add text, so I made it kind of purple-y and added my name.

Hopefully I get back into my blogging groove soon, because I’m sure I have lots to show y’all :)

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