ARCHIVE: October 2011
Random photo 1 Photos from today

Boyfriend pushed me to go back out and take some photos today since I haven’t been shooting as much as I used to.  Just spent a few minutes on campus shooting my favourite spot.  Not sure if it actually has a name, but there’s this little pavillion thing by Robertson Hall near the river.  I… Read More

Less Than Jake Overrated Kinetic Typography first try at kinetic typography

I did this over the summer as a side project to learn After Effects a little bit. I wanted to do something a little more taxing with the new iMac too.  Never planned to put it online, but today I thought…why the hell not?  I should be proud of the things I make right? The… Read More

klout-logo social media vs being social

Today I saw an old Asian guy wearing the same argyle sweater as one of my classmates.  I went between @mentioning this to my classmate on Twitter or posting on his Facebook wall, but in the end went with neither. Why? Because I thought it would make more sense just telling him in person.  That… Read More

TEDxOttawa (he's a volunteer, not a speaker :P) TEDxOttawa 2011

I was lucky enough to attend TEDxOttawa this year and while I didn’t stay past the first session (oh studying for midterms…), it was a very interesting experience and really opened my eyes to the different types of people in Ottawa. Of the speakers I saw, my favourite was Kelli Catana’s talk about how she reinvented… Read More

who are we really

A classmate of mine posted this article on Facebook which I thought was really interesting.  Basically it’s a summary of this talk Chris Poole, creator of 4chan, made about how Facebook and Google are going about online identities all wrong.  I admit, when I first saw the title of the article I thought “what would… Read More

Damned by Chuck Palahniuk I still read books

A few days ago I purchased a few books online from Chapters, and they came into the mail today (yay!).  Picked up three books, two hardcover, for less than $28 which is supremely awesome. This book was the main reason I made the purchase.  I pre-ordered this book so I could save 34% off the… Read More

Mass Effect N7 logo cake Mass Effect N7 logo birthday cake

Today was my boyfriend’s birthday, so yesterday involved a somewhat tedious job of making him a birthday cake.  He’s a big fan of Mass Effect so I incorporated that by making a cake with the N7 logo on it. I haven’t made/decorated a cake since high school (I prefer cupcakes to regular cakes), and this… Read More

Nexus Prime promo Sick of fruit

Thanks for bricking my phone today RIM. I’ve had no issues with you until today. Can’t wait till I can get a little green robot that can make Ice Cream Sandwiches

Me if I were in The Simpsons The Simpsons and the Sens

First game of the 2011-2012 NHL Season was tonight for the Ottawa Senators.  Final score was 5-3, which isn’t that bad considering they were down 5-0 at one point.  It just sucks they weren’t able to turn the firepower on earlier, but with a young team going through growing pains, it’s expected despite the fact… Read More

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