ARCHIVE: September 2011
IMG-20110929-00068 I love getting mail

My brother lost our mailbox key a few weeks ago, so I went ahead and got Canada Post to replace the locks and get new keys (delivery lady didn’t ask for any cash even though online it says it’s $25 to change them so…woo!).  So basically today I got my mail, and I had a… Read More

How I watch games Sometimes I wonder how ridiculous I am about hockey

Mondays are one of my longer days on campus; I’m there 8:30am – 4:oopm because of class and work.  Normally I’m okay with this (I only have a three-day week afterall), but not so much today because the Senators/Jets pre-season game STARTED at 4:00pm.  I was being absolutely ridiculous on the bus ride home because… Read More

Luke Schenn Transferring Pains

What you don’t want to see when you have new things to post on your wallpaper site. When I switched web hosts, I thought that Breakaway (my hockey wallpaper collective) transferred without problems, just like my portfolio site had. However, when I tried uploading a new wallpaper today, I got uploading issues, and I noticed… Read More

Madina Lake WWIII World War III

Today involved a day of mall-hopping.  Picked up my repaired Coach bag, browsed the mall(s) for baking supplies (didn’t find any), and got the newest album of one of my favourite bands, Madina Lake. My thoughts on World War III? Underwhelmed, sadly. A lot has happened to this band since their sophomore release Attics to… Read More

First Post

After about a week of designing/coding, and a few days of going through the process of changing web hosts, I’ve finally got my own little blog going :) I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I tried before, but they were always somewhat “specific” (ie: hockey, travel), but found I always wanted to talk about… Read More

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